Dear Wolsztyn fans! We have news and we are proud! During the official gala on the occasion of the celebration of the World Tourism Day, we received the SPECIAL AWARD OF THE POLISH TOURIST ORGANIZATION in the contest for the Best Tourist Product 2022 in the Music Event category. The award was received by the Festival producer Waldemar Ligma.

Here are the press echoes of our award and a few words from the producers in the "Wolsztyn - Our Town" magazine.

Thank you all for being with us every year, that every year we welcome growing crowd and for creating this unique atmosphere of PURE COUNTRY!

Special thanks for the initiative and promotion go to the Promotion and Tourism Office in Wolsztyn

September 23th, 2022


On September 30, the "PURE COUNTRY" festival was once again a partner of the annual Polish Country Music Day #polskidzienmuzykicountry celebration. This year we called all hands on board and ❗️ WE PLAYED FOR MARIOLA ❗️, our sunny medical lifeguard from Wolsztyn, who now urgently needs help fighting for the recovery of her husband, Tomasz.

The event was supported and held under the patronage of the Mayor of Wolsztyn, Wojciech Lis.

Together with the initiator of the celebration of the Polish Country Music Day, the forum, THANK YOU for all the good and great emotions that were shared by all of us during the Great Concert on the occasion of the 8th POLISH COUNTRY MUSIC DAY #polskidzienmuzykicountry at the "Pirates' Nest" Tavern in Warsaw!

You were great! Artists, Fans, Wolsztyn fans, Partners, Donors... For all of you together and for each one of you separately, our big THANKS flowing from the heart!!!

Thanks to your generosity and commitment, we collected a significant amount of money from tickets, auctions and sales of records and souvenirs, which we immediately donated to Mariola. We keep our fingers crossed for Tomasz's further therapy and full recovery ❤️

For invaluable financial support and patronage over the entire event, we would like to thank the Mayor of Wolsztyn, Wojciech Lis, and the City Hall in Wolsztyn.

You can support Mariola's fight still and constantly under this link:

October 1st, 2022


October 15th, 2022


When we were starting the "PURE COUNTRY" Festival back in 2010, the first element, next to the guitar shape of Wolsztyn's Lake, which appeared in the logo of the festival, was of course a steam locomotive, inspired by the most famous tourist attraction of the city, the only active steam engines house in the world: The Steam Engines House Wolsztyn.


Today, history has come full circle, and both world-famous Wolsztyn brands are joining forces.

Dear Wolsztyn fans! Join us in congratulating and wishing huge success for the NEW CEO of the Wolsztyn Steam Engines House - our Producer WALDEMAR LIGMA!

We invite you to read the interview with the new Director of the Steam Engines House HERE

We are happy and satisfied to inform you that the winner of the Special Award in the category "CROSSING BORDERS" in the 21st "STAGECOACH AWARDS" Plebiscite  is the BlueGround & Klára band, awarded for their performance during the "PURE COUNTRY" Festival in 2021.

During the Winners Gala, the award was received on behalf of the Artists by the Festival's Executive Producer, Magdalena Łuszczynska.

We wholeheartedly congratulate Klara and the team and rejoice with them. You can find a photo report from the event on our Facebook profile.

On behalf of the Artists and ourselves, we would like to thank the fans for the numerous votes.  Thanks a lot to and the Stagecoach plebiscite for the initiative, and to the Country & Folk Foundation for organizing the gala concert.

December 4th, 2022


August 18th, 2022


Dear Artists, Partners, Wolsztynofans! The 12th PURE COUNTRY Festival, although slowly becoming history, still plays in our souls and ears. This year was exceptional, and it could become so only thanks to all of you.

Record breaking attendance on Friday and Saturday, barely noticeably lower on Sunday. Great concerts in all kinds of country music, in several languages ​​and moods, which we owe to ALL Artists and for which we thank you from the bottom of our hearts

To our Wolsztynofans 👍 a million for being there, for these records breaking attendance and for - as always - creating a wonderful, warm, friendly atmosphere for unlimited integration, fun and sharing love and emotions of our music.

Our deep appreciation goes to festival's PARTNERS for their commitment, for all additional attractions, for the fruitful and pleasant cooperation and for the invaluable sponsorship support, without which it would be difficult for us to create such a rich program.

We all have wonderful memories saved in the photos and videos. Let's come back to them as often as possible in anticipation of the           13th PURE COUNTRY Festival in Wolsztyn on August 11-13, 2023, to which we invite you already. See you all next year !

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