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08 April 2023
Dear Wolsztyn fans! From the whole team, we wish you a peaceful, beautiful and warm Easter time with your loved ones. We know that time flies fast and our webclicks report screams "progrram, progrram!", because this is the tab of our website that you visit most often. So we also
27 February 2023
About "What's this country thing...", about everyday life described with the lyrics of country songs, why  "Pure Country" and why in Wolsztyn and about the pros and cons of a career... Michael Lonstar talked about all this and more last Friday during a musical author's meeting with young people and
04 December 2022
We are happy and satisfied to inform you that the winner of the Special Award in the category "CROSSING BORDERS" in the 21st "STAGECOACH AWARDS" Plebiscite  is the BlueGround & Klára band, awarded for their performance during the "PURE COUNTRY" Festival in 2021. During the Winners Gala, the award