04 December 2022


We are happy and satisfied to inform you that the winner of the countrymusic.pl Special Award in the category "CROSSING BORDERS" in the 21st "STAGECOACH AWARDS" Plebiscite  is the BlueGround & Klára band, awarded for their performance during the "PURE COUNTRY" Festival in 2021.


During the Winners Gala, the award was received on behalf of the Artists by the Festival's Executive Producer, Magdalena Łuszczynska.

We wholeheartedly congratulate Klara and the team and rejoice with them. You can find a photo report from the event on our Facebook profile.


On behalf of the Artists and ourselves, we would like to thank the fans for the numerous votes.  Thanks a lot to countrymusic.pl and the Stagecoach plebiscite for the initiative, and to the Country & Folk Foundation for organizing the gala concert.

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