10 April 2022


Our Wolsztyn steam locomotive with Pure Country is back on the trail! In order to strengthen the promotion of the Festival and attract the widest possible number of country fans to Wolsztyn, as well as positively "infect" with this music all those who "love country but do not know it yet", a Wolsztyn locomotive set off in Poland 10 years ago under the title "Pure Country - Station ... " and this is how we started a series of events and concerts promoting the Wolsztyn Festival in various parts of our country.

On Saturday, June 25 at At 18:00, together with our Artists, we stop at the Kostrzyn Wielkopolski STATION and it will be a long stop, because it will last until around 22:00

We invite everyone to a foretaste of the festival's attractions and to have fun together!

LONSTAR, COLORADO BAND and BOX CANYON will be with us, and our artists' albums will appear at our booth -NOTE! THERE WILL BE NEW !! - and also brand new festival eco-accessories and souvenirs.

The detailed program will be announced in early May and will be available HERE and on our profiles. See you in June!

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