02 August 2023



Dear Wolsztynofans! The distribution of tickets for our flagship additional attractions, i.e. SPECIAL TRAINS, is starting!

Below is complete information and timetable for the festival Saturday from the travel operator: SOCIETY OF FRIENDS OF THE WOLSZTYN STEAM DEPOT


On Saturday, August 12, the historic train will provide transport to Stefanowo for the event called "Tastes of the Western Greater Poland Region", in which rural housewives' groups will present their ecological products with particular emphasis on potatoes, i.e. Poznań "pyra".

Residents of Wolsztyn, tourists and participants of the "PURE COUNTRY" Festival who come to Stefanowo will also be able to visit the museum room run by enthusiasts associated with the Stacja Stefanowo Association.

On that day, we will also launch two pairs of special trains from Wolsztyn to Nowa Wieś Mochy.

All trains launched on August 12 will be made of two-axle wagons produced in the interwar period (with wooden benches), and will be led by the Luxembourg Energie steam locomotive, which will take part in the Steam Locomotive Parade on Saturday, August 19.

Attention organized groups!

Organized groups of more than 10 people are asked not to make reservations via the system, but to contact us by e-mail (info@tpwp.pl) or via private message.

Tickets can be booked via the website www.tobilet.pl at https://tobilet.pl/pociagi-specjalne-2023.html

To meet the expectations of tourists who will stay in Wolsztyn and the surrounding area during the special trains and will learn about them from advertising posters, some of the tickets will be distributed on the day of the train's departure by the conductor team.

You're welcome!

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