08 April 2023


Dear Wolsztyn fans! From the whole team, we wish you a peaceful, beautiful and warm Easter time with your loved ones.

We know that time flies fast and our webclicks report screams "progrram, progrram!", because this is the tab of our website that you visit most often. So we also have some Easter updates for you:


FESTIVAL PROGRAM - complete and detailed will be published at the beginning of May. Why by then? Because we are a non-commercial event and our budget depends on the decisions and deadlines of external institutions, and those are set for that date.


UPDATES - we publish them on an ongoing basis in the "ARTISTS 2023" section when the presence of individual Artists is confirmed.


ARTISTS FROM THE USA AND EUROPE - hell yeah! In a few next days we gonna announce some news. Today we only can tell you, that our guest from the USA will perform with us for the first time: at the "Pure Country" and in Poland in general.


NEW ACTS - has Wolsztyn ever run out of them? Of course there will be some new bands and also new dancers.


SIDE EVENTS AND ATTRACTIONS - definitely get ready for partying on board of Retro Special Trains with a steam locomotive. Also there will definitely be a Motorcycle Parade and dance workshops on the Main Square. Details will be available when we settle all logistics, i.e. after the main program announcemnt.


Happy Easter Y'all!

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