01 June 2023



Dear Wolsztyn fans! 💥 MOBILIZATION NEEDED! Read till the end! 💥

We gratefully accept the initiative of our friends from Country Music Club ALAMO, because in this totally difficult year, every support is really worth its weight in gold. All details can be found in the description of the screenshots, so we won't write about it.However, we would like to add that:

🌼 The collection has a fun principle - crowdfunding: you choose a prize for yourself, put in as much money as you have chosen and collect the prize during the Festival or we send it to you. In practice, it's just our festival stand, only online. The difference, however, is that you won't buy prizes from the action at the stand during the festival - it's a limited edition, only for participants of the "DROP AND COLLECT!"

🌼 we don't want to expose you to not affordable costs, which is why the minimum threshold for participating in the fun is set very low. It is enough that each of you will share with us the equivalent of one beer / coffee / portion of ice cream. That's really very little!

If there are a lot of you, if EVERYONE of you does it, the support for the Festival will be huge

🌼 Your support is VERY MUCH NEEDED, but it is completely VOLUNTARY.

🌼 people who want to join but do not use online banking can make a simple transfer to an individual campaign's account:69 1750 1312 6884 7317 1450 3518

🌼 all prizes will be available at the festival stand, and to those who will not be able to come, together with CMC "ALAMO" we will send selected sets after the festival, after prior contact

So click on the link or photo above, DROP and COLLECT your festival kit... and have fun! And be sure to share. Let there be as many of us as possible!

Link to the campaign: https://zrzutka.pl/jxsgek

We can always count on the Wolsztynofans, so we believe that this time you will also be with us and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! 🥰


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