22 August 2023


The 27th International Steam Locomotive Parade, the most important railway celebration of railway enthusiasts and steam locomotive legends in Europe, has ended a week-long series of events and attractions under the common title "COUNTRY AT FULL STEAM", which is the result of the merger of the city's two largest tourist and cultural brands: the Festival and the Wolsztyn Locomotive Shed.

Started with the "PURE COUNTRY" Festival and ended with the Parade and the Light-Steam-Sound show, a week of country-locomotive attractions: festival concerts, meetings with artists, dancing, retro special trains with steam locomotives from Poland and Benelux, visiting the Roundhouse and, finally, the Parade itself and the evening break colors, fire and music, attracted thousands of tourists and lovers of both fields to Wolsztyn.

The artistic setting of the final show was provided by country artists associated with the Festival: ALABAMA BAND, AURA WOLSZTYN and ALBERT NEUMANN - European champion in stunt shows and whip wielding.

Since WOLSZTYN is a CITY OF STEAM ENGINES AND "PURE COUNTRY", and this year's debut of the series showed that it was a bull's-eye, everything indicates that "COUNTRY AT FULL STEAM!" will become a permanent, week-long tourist and cultural attraction of Wolsztyn

The photo report is here!

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