15 August 2023


"THIRTEEN" is behind us, although it's hard to realize it when you look at the not yet fully unpacked suitcases and hundreds of happy, joyful faces in the photos.

Dear Wolsztynofans! You are the best audience in the world! Don't change and keep growing stronger! THANK YOU!

We bow to the Mayor of Wolsztyn, the Secretary and the City Council for all their long-term support and for the extremely important ceremony of awarding the title "MAN OF MERIT FOR THE MUNICIPALITY OF WOLSZTYN" to Lonstar.

Jarek Świrszcz, Director of Wolsztyński Dom Kultury and the entire irreplaceable team of girls from the back room - many thanks for all your work, and Jarek additionally for his immediate reaction to a technical failure in the dressing room

 Wolsztyn locomotive shed - our Strategic Partner! Thank you for "COUNTRY AT FULL STEAM!", for co-organizing, for the unique opportunity to meet unique steam locomotives from Benelux and our "Petucha" in its full, new glory.

THE SOCIETY OF CULTURAL INITIATIVES "ALAMO" and Dear Donors! The donors turned the "ALAMO" founrising initiative into a success, and many had great fun. And that was the point! You helped us maintain the level of the program and at the same time take another step forward in the development of the festival.

We would like to thank our partners, promoters and media for their support, promotion and reports: Promotion and Tourism Office in Wolsztyn, countrymusic.pl, Radio Warszawa, Polski Traker, "Train to Wielkopolska" TV program

A separate, appreciative "THANKS A LOT!" for all our ARTISTS, because it is thanks to their passion, talents and creativity that we receive a multiplied dose of country music every year in all its trends and at a great level.


In a few days, there will be a STEAM ENGINES PARADE in Wolsztyn, to which we always invite you.


And we are now inviting you to the 14th CLEAN COUNTRY Festival on August 9-11, 2024   SEE YOU NEXT YEAR !!!

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