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April 10th, 2022

Our Wolsztyn steam locomotive with Pure Country is back on the trail! In order to strengthen the promotion of the Festival and attract the widest possible number of country fans to Wolsztyn, as well as positively "infect" with this music all those who "love country but do not know it yet", a Wolsztyn locomotive set off in Poland 10 years ago under the title "Pure Country - Station ... " and this is how we started a series of events and concerts promoting the Wolsztyn Festival in various parts of our country.

On Saturday, June 25 at At 18:00, together with our Artists, we stop at the Kostrzyn Wielkopolski STATION and it will be a long stop, because it will last until around 22:00

We invite everyone to a foretaste of the festival's attractions and to have fun together!

LONSTAR, COLORADO BAND and BOX CANYON will be with us, and our artists' albums will appear at our booth -NOTE! THERE WILL BE NEW !! - and also brand new festival eco-accessories and souvenirs.

The detailed program will be announced in early May and will be available HERE and on our profiles. See you in June!


March 23th, 2022

Dear Wolsztyn fans! Time for some news about this year's Festival. We have two good news for you and one important news. And we will start with the latter. ATTENTION - IMPORTANT INFO:
This year the number of accommodation places available to tourists in Wolsztyn and the surrounding area may quickly disappear. Therefore, together with the Promotion and Tourism Office We are fighting to ensure that these nights are not lacking for Wolsztynfans during the festival.
SINCE TOMORROW, March 24th, on our pages and profiles we will publish and update information about:
current and updated lodging database
rules of dedicated bookings for festival's participants
local transportation, campings, parking lots also for campers
The good news, however, is that preparations for the 12th CZYSTE COUNTRY Festival, as befits Wolsztyn, are at the full throttle. This year, the calendar is also favorable for us and therefore the festival fits perfectly into the long August weekend. And you know that after the festival madness there is nothing better than a lazy day off among forests and lakes ... The more "news for plus" are: an increasingly richer program, the initial framework of which can be found on the banner in the PROGRAM section and the return of the "Pure Country - Station .." series. We will write about the details separately, so far we invite you to Kostrzyn Wlkp. on June 25th to have fun together and       a foretaste of the festival attractions. "PURE COUNTRY" ADVENTURE PREPARATIONS - time ... START!


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We are constantly monitoring and updating this year's accommodation base. The complete information can be found in the HOTELS tab and on our Facebook page (pinned post).



Camping "Ustronie" Karpicko launches a new lodging option: GLAMPING, i.e. camping accommodation of hotel standard. Detailed information phone: +48 668 603 935
  Wilcze and Boruja areas - new lodging options added!
  Wolsztyn downtown - new budget lodging site added! Info and booking: czystecountry@gmail.com

  OW "Jelonek" and Motel MONTANA Karpicko  - SOLD OUT!


We strongly advise! Do not hesitate to make your hotel bookings! The date of this year's festival is a very popular LONG AUGUST WEEKAND, so overnight stays in Wolsztyn and the surrounding area are disappearing quickly, and places keeping rooms for the "pure country" password are blocked for you ONLY UNTIL THE END OF APRIL. Minimum stay - 3 days, longer stays are welcome.


Cheap transport to and from the Park will be available during the festival.


April 25th, 2022

Hello! Welcome to our new home!

We did our best to keep atmosphere and warmth of the old one and we assure that it remains as welcoming as the previous one.

The previous one, however, definitely needed "renovation". The website at country.wolsztyn.pl will remain on the web for some time as an archival site and a redirect info for visitors, but it will no longer be updated.

The main features of new version of our website are: primarily our own, easy to remember domain, modern look and functionalities, faster operation, interesting graphic tools, more information and a more readable, intuitive layout.

At the moment, the website is adapted to computer screens (laptops), but further work is underway on the mobile version for smartphones and we are doing our best to make this functionality available before this year's festival.

We invite you to explore and visit often our "new home" and we hope you like it


May 25th, 2022

The program planning of this year's Festival is at the final stage  and literally in a few moments everything will be clear and concerts schedule published. Please give us just 2-3 more days of patience before we announce all details. But today we can tell you what's going to happen for sure:

⭐️ headliners from the USA and the EU, including a show created especially for "Wolsztynofans" ⭐️

⭐️ the premiere of the long-awaited new album of an Artist associated with the Festival from the beginning, but we will announce this album separately at the beginning of June, because it will be a big BOOM 💥

⭐️ yet another Anniversary of Artists with surprises, even two of them ... but it's also a surprise 🥳

⭐️ Your favorite Polish bands, including those missed in Wolsztyn for some time, in a full-time concerts 🤩

⭐️ mega dance party on Friday night, so comfortable shoes are recommended, because it will be difficult not to dance 🔥

Some info about the program can be found in the ARTISTS 2022 section. While waiting for the complete program, we invite you to browse festival memories, many of which you will also find in our "new home" here.


May 27th, 2022

Dear Wolsztyn fans! Basically we already know the program of the Festival. But ... some unexpected twists and turns of lineup may happen, of course positive way 😉🤩 Before we start the official presentations of this year's Artists, we invite you to the STATION !

June 25, along with the Cultural Center in Kostrzyn Wielkopolski (postal code 62-025), we invite you to meet and have fun with our Artists, as part of the Kostrzyn's "Summer Picnic" and to our festival stand for information and promotion.

The "SUMMER PICNIC" in Kostrzyn will start at 4:00 p.m. and will last until midnight, and we will change the City Park in Kostrzyn into the PURE COUNTRY STATION between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

The following Artists will perform for you: MICHAEL LONSTAR, COLORADO BAND, BOX CANYON and STREFA COUNTRY dancers. The program and poster of the STATION can be found HERE

There will be concerts, there will be dancing and lots of additional attractions surrounded by the charming park and town. Do you miss outdoor concerts?  Well, it couldn't be easier!  We are waiting for you in Kostrzyn, come in crowds ‼ ️🤩


June 6th, 2022